Attention to detail, looking for the best solutions
that last in time: love of beautiful things.

I arrived in Monte Argentario on board a boat, bringing with me from home a passion for sewing. A robust sewing-machine, modified to make it transportable, did the rest. I continued living onboard for a while, repairing the sails, but after a few years I decided to leave the boat and go ashore. I found premises (small!) to rent in the heart of town– and so embarked on the adventure that was to be ‘Navigare’ !

All my knowledge has been acquired through ‘hands - on’ experience, each and every repair has taught me something new. In this way, year after year I put together a wealth of experience in a wide variety of sail-making jobs. And then, after numerous sails made new again, the people that had looked into our sail loft started specifically to ask for Porto Ercole’s ‘lady sail maker’ – a new name I was really happy to accept.

Italy is well versed in the traditions of upholstery with its techniques, forms and types of manufacture. Marine upholstery has its own rules. Not only did I have to respect a tradition of upholstery tastefully and carefully carried out but I also had to respect the needs ( not only technical) of a boat. Thanks to continual research and, above all, thanks to boat owners who shared my passion and believed in my work, I have always managed to find a solution to problems.

I have worked with a many Swan, Serigi and Maxi Yachts along with a fair number of motor boats. Over the years, the square metres of material needing to be sewn grew at the same pace as my experience. Just outside the arch leading to the old part of Porto Ercole we found the perfect place for us. These premises proved ideal and continued to be so for ten years. There I worked for Itasca and it was there that many vintage sails were (re)made - among which were sails for the vintage yachts ‘Dorade’, ‘Stormy Weather’ and ‘Nyala’ that were all renovated in the nearby Argentario shipyard.

I moved to the present premises in 2000, maintaining the same spirit of motivation as ever and bringing with me all the people I have collaborated with who, with their talent and their work, have contributed to the accumulation of experience that is the heritage of NAVIGARE .